Small world was founded seven months, why get a $20 million financing

if a company founded only seven months, and it got two rounds of financing, and the amount of the second round of financing up to 20 million, we will feel very surprised?

you may want to do business, the company may be in a draught, and his founder, should have a strong network of resources, but the key is, their products should have a strong profitability, or at least get a huge amount of users.

let’s talk about the company. Its full name is Hangzhou Jia Jie network technology company, founded in January 2015, the same period founded a small world electricity supplier platform, just in the past in August 30th to get the 20 million round of investment in Blue Lake capital A.

small world vertical electricity supplier platform is actually a mother and child class electronic business platform, which is the core of a shopping guide type app, with mothers as the center, to help mothers purchase fashionable children’s goods.

we can see that the mother and child shopping guide platform, it is the choice of tuyere. Continue to think, why should they choose mother shopping guide platform as the entry point? Are they before the mother or guide field have accumulated


with this problem, I went to see the founder of its information. See light suddenly。 It is the main founder of the team, are from CEO Meng, before doing business in buy and marketing work. Partner mango, prior to to do technology, the management of front-end technology team and wireless technology team. Another partner, Zhi Ping, was the first product manager for

we have reason to suspect that they choose the mother and child shopping guide platform, in addition to optimistic about the entire market, but also with their team genes. is known to start shopping platform, and they have a wealth of experience in, shopping guide also has a profound understanding of the field.

they chose their best in a field to do, of course,’s experience has certainly given them a wealth of human resources.

let’s go back and talk about the little world. It is the current form of maternal shopping platform, push the goods are mainly Tmall and Taobao. It is mainly aimed at the crowd has developed a shopping habits of white-collar mothers, in order to increase the stickiness of these users, it is recommended to increase the number of goods based on the knowledge of a lot of parenting. These knowledge scattered on the Internet, they carried out some depth of integration.

from this point of view, they are similar to the original path of We can also guess that it is also the next step is likely to shift from the shopping guide model of self electricity supplier. Of course, the premise of this step is that they accumulate a large number of users of this platform.

this involves how they operate to promote. I checked some information, see mainly its operations to promote three channels: one is the drainage through the wide point, two is the use of team resources and application "

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