Entrepreneurs readme the years almost killed himself with a low price strategy

Abstract: there is a piece that old popsicle 5 hair root, also did not affect the Hagendasi a 40 yuan; 3 in case of Chery, BMW did not affect millions; a price of a goods, any kind of brand to survive, not because of the price, but not because of the discount, but the customer after the payment the value obtained.


data released from a Amoy brand listed, the size of the business of a company, in fact, the day is not good. A lot of people ask me why I say it’s "energy conservation". Out of the mix, sooner or later to the


what is the flow bonus period, not just entered the era of the Internet, cheap traffic no one robbed, so cheap, or even free. But at that time BAT this platform commercial loss to feed everyone.

, however, no one will ever go down. To a certain point, the circle enough of the merchant, the platform is necessary to make money. Thus, the flow has become the largest profit platform providers. So, in the early enjoyment of the money to earn money merchants who, at this time it is necessary to earn the money before the obediently, one point a spit out, back to others. Also, this is a "warm boiled frog" process, businesses have always thought that there will be a miracle, always think flow still cheap…… so, for years, finally riding a tiger. I can’t make any money at all.


first started, I like all of us are confused. Internet era subvert the traditional business thinking. As long as the flow can instantly become billionaires. Thus, schooling people play low-cost strategy, to lure customers again, but with low price to attract customers if you are real customers? Like, please go to people "gestures in the nightclub with large sums of money, do you think" love "? I think people think you are a lot of gold and considerate


low price strategy and money to bribe is actually the same thing, it is difficult to establish a true relationship between business and customer trust. And I, in the early stages of the business to eat such a loss. Fortunately, later found early, quick adjustment strategy, so as not to hurt their excessive vitality.

today I put those "stupid" early start to do and everybody break a break.

low price strategy to push, in exchange for what?

from 2010 onwards, I began to play like "door glasses" business. At that time did not deliberately around the user, on the contrary, they respect their own design work, each pair are selling a little expensive. A pair of their original design glasses to sell a one thousand or two thousand is often the case. And therefore, the reputation is surprisingly good. Do not have to do publicity, every customer is brought in a continuous line of mouth.

at that time the company is so few people, the main business and

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