Google closes online video sales development advertising support model

          Google late Friday confirmed the decision. The decision suggests that Google will use financial and human resources in the development of advertising formats in order to take advantage of the popularity of online video.

Google last year with $1 billion 760 million acquisition of YouTube is expected to become the focus of Google’s video advertising market expansion. Google officials hope to establish an effective advertising system for video advertising by the end of this year.

Most of Google’s

revenue comes from advertising. However, most of these ads are static, text-based messages that are displayed along with search results and other written content on the site.

Google video site is still open, but from August 15th will begin to stop showing paid programs.

since January 2006, Google has been selling the right to watch a variety of video content, including sports, music and news. Most video content sales price from $more than and 10 to $20. Users can pay a small amount of money to "rent" to watch the program of the day or to buy the program for viewing at any time. All paid programs must be viewed through a viewing window at Google.

in order to compensate for the video program has been purchased but can not be seen after the consumer, Google will be in the form of credit cards through its online payment service Checkout refund the cost of consumers.

Google spokesman Gabriel Strickler said that the return of the money has no impact on Google. Google currently has $12 billion 500 million in cash. However, the spokesman declined to disclose how many people have purchased Google’s video service.

Strickler said that the current change once again confirms our commitment to establish an advertising support model for video services.

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