Homogeneity analysis of the site the enemy back to me, the enemy into my retreat, the enemy statione

Hello, my brother is the grassroots, analysis in an article on "homogeneous products thought difference: you can do that?" in the article mentioned the concept of homogeneous difference, and analyzed on the whole, but an article can not complete description of a complete set of ideas, in this paper will put this idea is applied to the website analysis, ADO, entered.

review, in an article on the more we just mentioned differences in homogenization of the product itself, that is to avoid too many differences in our products, especially the emasculated version, we need to add this concept, not only to avoid the homogenization of the difference inside the difference is too large, but also to pay attention to the difference with your competitors, and strive to achieve "the enemy back into my enemy, into my back, harass the enemy enemy, I spent playing" concept is too abstract is not too much, then we analyze.

homogenization of the phenomenon will be your life, but to do the difference you are the winner

in the industry, especially in the Chinese Internet industry, product homogeneity is very serious, in our words is a cottage, piracy rampant. So we grassroots entrepreneurs in the early start is facing a lot of homogenization of competition, the industry situation is very bad, almost all we can think of ideas and projects, there are people doing, even tens of thousands of entrepreneurs doing as we project, in this kind of background, once we do not seek a breakthrough, we’re both dead. Therefore, we should think about how to do the difference in the homogenization phenomenon.


talked about the homogenization of differences, we do not have a very in-depth analysis, well, then go deep, a little deeper. For instance, in the forums, in order to attract more users to register and retain users, the resources view and registration in accordance with the user level to view certain resources of the membership system, although it has played a certain effect, but we imagine that the Internet was in resource sharing and circulation. We are in the same field competition, content and resources of its stations is not its own creation, they have the resources, we can also have their own resources, even if the original, we can also make the base to move, so the homogenization phenomenon will come.

returned to the forums, as already said, most of the forum in order to attract and retain users and registered users must use the membership system, which has increased the cost of users. Similarly, if the opponent has the resources, we will reduce the use cost of users, which allows users to view certain resource permissions is reduced, whether our website has more advantages? Of course, this requires the premise resources reserve and our opponents station not far lower user costs, otherwise the user once in our station can not find consistent with the needs of their own resources, it will only make us defeated opponent.

speaking of this, there may be >

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