To know that notes live focus on the design characteristics of cool products in exchange for value

business card

Product Name:

founder: Li Jun,

founded: 2011

team size: 13

I know

Beijing science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in notes cloud services company, the company’s products for knowledge notes can be achieved is a record and view the pens used whenever and wherever possible, has covered the PC end, Android, IOS three platform. It is understood that the note is not the founder of Li Jun and Wei Shijun’s first venture, from the strict sense of the two accounts for the first time that the knowledge of the first venture of the transition".


is known as the founder of notes: Li Jun,,

PC fought in the mobile Internet: from "fast" to "know the note"

According to

, Li Jun said, from 2000 from Huazhong University of science and Technology (later renamed the Huazhong University of Science and Technology) after graduation, he and his partner Wei Shijun came to the Jinshan software and technology research and development work is mainly responsible for WPS, have been working here for two years after they have left the Jinshan start a business.

the 2002 when they do share software called a "fast" network text knowledge management, fast acquisition in the heyday of the network, there are about 2 million users worldwide, of which there are about 1 million domestic users. With the rapid development of the mobile Internet, the traditional PC products are not a small impact, so they began to work for the early work of the notes. So strictly speaking, to know the notes from the network text fast capture this product transition.

innovation points and advantages

in Li Jun seems to know the advantages of the notes is the most important from the user. It is said that the company is part of the staff is derived from previous product users, some of them out of love for the product to devote themselves to the entrepreneurial team, Li Jun believes the transition from user to maximum benefits of employees is their return to this work as their own things to complete, and efficiency passion and work is also very high.

and a number of domestic companies deliberately imitate Evernote is different for the notes have been insisting on their own style. It’s expertise lies in knowledge management, import and export, support a variety of file formats, rich multi-level directory search function determines that it has obvious advantages in a great deal of knowledge management, the online notes, starting last year, but have been more perfect, good experience.

low cost small-scale operation is the core of the company through the development of the company in the near future, the scale of development in the future will be controlled within 30 people." Li Jun told reporters. With the market as a whole, he said the company has done a good job to build tens of millions of users coming

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