Explore the root causes of Taobao customer profitability four

many webmaster do Wangzhuan, which Taobao is a popular guest, but many Taobao customers are not profitable, even some profit scope is small, looking at some master make so much money from Taobao, we will think about why they are not making money, is thinking? Is so strategy or technology? Today to share with you some of my experience, I do Taobao off a long time, hope that through the four point analysis in this paper can let everyone have the harvest.

conversion is the key

in fact some sites have a certain flow, but they did not flow into income, many webmaster said the website conversion rate is 1%, sometimes 1 per thousand no, this is because the site has some problems. Users see our website is like trying on a dress, only one will pay for their own, see not pleasing to the eye will not pay. So to solve the method is also very simple, that is, direct jump, try to reduce the user to stay on the web page, so that users can instantly open the domain name to earn the corresponding Taobao shop. If not, unless you have a beautiful page design, attractive enough.

traffic is the core

is the core of the Tao do not flow, there will be no volume flow. But how to flow, a lot of people are is to get traffic through the SEO method and the method, which also proved to be a very good method, but the problem is that there are some problems on the choice of keywords, many owners choose the difficult key words, these keywords have commercial value we are doing, and many in the auction, even if it takes great effort to make up front, and ten promotion, so not much traffic, so choose some promotion of few words, even if the search volume is not much, but if the top three, can come to the site traffic is relatively large.

attaches importance to the long tail

long tail keywords sometimes not incidental, but mainstream. Why do you say, many webmaster in Taobao customers willing not choose the core keywords and popular keywords, because such words need resources, capabilities and technology needs, and ultimately maintenance, is not necessarily to ensure can earn money. So we need to convert ideas, to do long tail keywords, such website ranking to improve, but also easy to get income from these words, the income to continue into the site, thus forming a virtuous circle. Some owners do do the long tail, but they do the long tail or relatively popular long tail, we have to do the super long tail, even if one day to 10 or 5 IP can.

number is very important

Have you mentioned in front of

and do long tail keywords to profitable ideas to the site, but the owners may be in doubt, it can earn much money every month, not a waste of time? My answer is very simple, if you do such a site, each.

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