n four the need to prevent Wangzhuan novice temptation

joined the team now Wangzhuan are more and more people, many novice are relatively modest and prudent, always hope to find the master to take yourself, but desire is often good, but the reality is always against themselves, many people take a lot of detours in the Wangzhuan industry, some even lost their own, let yourself in Wangzhuan four inside common temptation, resulting in the failure of Wangzhuan, here I come to introduce four kinds of common

Wangzhuan temptation!

: agent Wangzhuan

now there are many online about agent Wangzhuan project, such as agent to sell the software agent to sell the charge Wangzhuan tutorial, these Wangzhuan project publicity is very attractive, let a person feel to spend a little agent fee is totally worth it, because it is a huge Wangzhuan project, like gold shop like, three years not open, open to eat for three years, as long as the promotion of a personal success, basically the cost of investment and the cost of living in the ten days there, naturally believe these agents to join the project and pay the agency fee, but the promotion of a month is not a key agent orders, website and brand looks very profitable effect, but there is no market, are their own writing theory

way to make money!

two: Taobao guest Wangzhuan

said the 5 year Mother Ali will return billion personal webmaster, which makes many personal webmaster do see the Taobao customer prospects, coupled with many every day make a few hundred dollars, a few thousand Taobao customer training propaganda, immediately joined the Taobao customer from army, and in the five hundred million. Take a lead, it is also considerable income, but unfortunately, most of the people do not make money off Taobao, basically are losing money earned shouted, led to the development of IDC, the billboard Taobao customers are basically occupied by some institutions, individual stationmaster very difficult to play, unless you have a strong technology, can intercept traffic, occupy the user’s desktop! Otherwise it is difficult to succeed, but do Taobao off also is not successful personal webmaster, but this is after several After years of experience out! To a short time it is difficult to make money off Taobao


three: generation shipping money

many people also saw the ship also has some money effect, but also has the similarity on behalf of the consignor and Taobao customers, need a stable flow line, but the delivery rule is not mature, many shipping alliance with deception in nature, a lot of people is that they can provide very high the profit to the webmaster, in order to attract many owners to join, but to pay often no shadow, so for the goods you must be careful Wangzhuan,


four: Wangzhuan training

a lot of training Wangzhuan have more or less exaggerated propaganda, the real effect of money and few, if it is easy to make money, why don’t these people set up their own websites now earn? Gu person to engage in site a month also can not spend much money, what people will have to make money so easy.

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