How to achieve new sites fast website advertising to make money

yesterday in the mom to buy advertising when he saw an advertisement every day there are more than 3 thousand independent IP advertising but low price can not be lower, my curiosity will use Webmaster Tools query the following unexpectedly found that the station was only included a few pages, according to the truth is not so much traffic! By thinking only to find the station the profit model, here we introduce his model suits to engage in Wangzhuan garbage station (we can I refer to


one. Purchase flow

through my own understanding of the situation every day 3000IP about 7.77 yuan, through the purchase of traffic he received a fixed IP every day! The truth is not to deny that some of these purchases IP is junk IP! But some still useful IP! Their principle is difficult to explain, but want to be able to understand their thinking slowly, not much here explain.

two. Website content

a web site content is the most important, when you buy traffic after the flow of the stay time is entirely dependent on the content of your site. This is one of the indispensable conditions

three. Flow exchange

you can exchange this way through traffic, put some traffic exchange advertising on the website, when people click on your ad, others will pop up the website, you can get other pop-up ads website, this is called again by IP.

four. Original article

needless to say that the original article can speed up the search for your collection, there is no original article pseudo original line.

five. Ali’s mother to buy advertising

In the last

A5 read an article, the eldest brother said a week he spent 20 yuan to buy ads every day can get 1000IP traffic, this is actually not exaggerated, but you buy good words have the effect of the specific method is:

1: advertising more than 0.3 yuan do not buy.

2: only buy text ads, do not buy pictures ad.

3: praise less than 30 do not buy.

4: text ads over 20 locations do not buy.

5:IP traffic less than 200 do not buy.

6: Baidu GOOGLE included bad not to buy.

7: do not have to buy advertising brush. (Note: Seventh a little trouble, I hope everyone to observe!)

six. Advertising money

how to make money after the flow, this requires us to find their own ads for the station, if it is garbage, then I recommend doing SP. Strongly recommended not to put the window advertising price is too low will make 1 2 visitors greatly reduced the goodwill of the website.

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