Mobile nternet business logic behind what are the entrepreneurial opportunities


many people worry that the mobile Internet is another bubble. Our view is that the mobile Internet is not a bubble. Take public comment, we look at the value of the difference in the era of the traditional Internet and mobile internet.

based mobile Internet is a smart mobile phone in the hands of each person, the strong relationship between mobile phone and personal items than any other alternative! Look at ourselves and others, what is not the body without a wallet? Are never mind, not without a mobile phone. So the mobile Internet business, you can directly into the individual’s learning, work, life, every detail. Innovation is everywhere, you are there. It depends on how you make good use of the mobile Internet, how to use the hands of the smartphone’s computing power, location information, 24h networking, and the only information behind the holder.

mobile Internet business opportunities there, where to start today we try to interpret. Currently the main articles on the Internet are analyzed from the perspective of the industry, where we want to start from the business logic behind the mobile Internet business opportunities. The purpose is to be able to sort out the business logic of the project to help entrepreneurs planning projects, investors see the value behind the venture.

one, the basic needs of

Entertainment Social this is the basic needs of mankind, but also the main content of traditional Internet services, mobile Internet is very natural to provide such services. The commercial value behind this does not need to be analyzed, here is a brief mention.

entertainment in addition to the game (the game industry is very large, we all understand the logic), the other mainly including video, music and reading, a typical product:

small shrimp Music: more than 12 million registered users, wireless music provides smooth and nearly perfect solution through Wi-Fi or 3G network speed of listening to the music, the first launch of the offline mode.

sing: total users reached tens of millions of users, mobile phone built-in karaoke social application, reverberation and echo effects, can be modified to beautify your voice. Intelligent scoring system, the score can be shared PK.

Youku: mobile terminal video playback volume over 150 million, covering more than 100 million users per month. In June the average daily PV1412 million, more than Iqiyi (7 million 900 thousand) and PSS (6 million 80 thousand) and.

sndacloudary bookstore: mobile end users more than 20 million, including Shanda literature’s starting point, Chinese network Hongxiutianxiang, reading novels, under the banyan web content and nationally well-known publishers, books, books, including books for consumers, magazines and newspapers for digital goods.

social products as long as mention these names: micro-blog, WeChat, unfamiliar street, skype.

we generally do not recommend entrepreneurs to choose such projects for entrepreneurship. One is going to

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