How to make a personal website

Now all the sites are considering how to make money, personal website is no exception. The initial motivation for a personal website may be out of interest or a hobby, but over time, these interests or hobbies will accumulate a lot of resources for themselves, such as a large number of visits. When these resources are accumulated to a certain extent, commercial awareness of sensitive personal webmaster began to seek the development of electronic commerce, the commercial operation of the resources in their hands, thus, personal websites began to make money. Of course, the current more popular personal website to make money may be more dependent on advertising, but from the current personal website advertising revenue, it has fallen into a trough. So, if you want to get a lot of personal development, or want their ownThe

web site to make money, you must take the initiative as a person! Human effort is the decisive factor., website, we can have their own products, and sell them, rely on themselves to make money


first, the feasibility of personal website

Internet users are growing rapidly. Another survey shows that the average income level of Internet users has increased, that is to say, the consumption level of Internet users has also increased. Why do we want to rely on personal website advertising to make money? Can’t we change the idea? For example, your website traffic is about 1000 (that is to say there are about 1000 people in your shop every day), equivalent to the advertising agency of others, even if sold out also you can only return to a portion of the profits. But if your store sells its products, most of it is in your hands. Just do the advertising money product, the real product is your own website. Remember: your website is a gold mine, you may just "Browse" mining the deeper mineral mineral layer, you may have not yet developed! You can be your own website to sell, such as the quality content for your site printed in a book, and then sell yourself the books on the internet. There are more business methods, the key is that you have to continue to explore the following I combine my observation of the Internet and their own experience to tell you how to run their own products. For the Internet business, at first, we must hold a peaceful attitude, because China’s Internet users, after all, is not a lot, we do not expect too much network business will bring you great benefits. The network business as a kind of exercise, to the reality of the words: "now earn money, earn a lot of money later". This is my business to the Internet a long-term combat strategic point of view.

two, personal website to make money

below the author cited two examples, the two sites were produced from different angles of business activities.

1 online bookstore (

this is an online examination bookstore. Self-study students know, buy textbook is a troublesome thing. So the teacher in Fujian Shaxian County Zhuang do this from the bookstore, "

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