The grassroots webmaster don’t get lost in the Wangzhuan industry

Liu is a senior Internet users, often on the Internet, often see some web pages that can earn a lot of money in the network, so decided to try. In search of a large amount of information, the conclusion is: the website can make money.

what kind of website, Liu Pingshi often focus on children’s education, early education and so on, so Liu decided to fix children’s website.

so the first registration of a domain name (, in the process of registering a domain name, he searched a lot about domain name registration information, found that many sites do is domain name registration, little Liu Xinxiang in this industry should be promising, otherwise how so many people do it; their website is not good. Then in a domain name registrar that paid the advance to become the domain name agent;

next is everywhere publicity, the results of a few people did not buy a domain name from him, Liu found a domain name only a few dollars profit, not enough to pay the electricity bill. Since no one registered it registered, because found a lot of people 1 yuan registered the domain name to sell tens of thousands, who can appreciate good domain name and some people rely on domain parking money; then the day is the day the dictionary search, racking their brains to consider what kind of domain name, the domain name. Are people registered, who own a registered domain name calling after the garbage flows are not a statistical.

do? Go back to the Internet to engage in their own children.

domain name has been, then to rent space, oh, more people do look at the space industry, search advertising is everywhere, this will certainly make money! In some space business customers persuasion, or pay the advance payment has become a space of senior agent, see the agent profit price is really high, cost price tens of dollars; sales price in more than and 100, profit is several times.

then of course or publicity, and finally the development results as can be imagined, several customers in the bargain after profit is not much, and continuously meet customer problems, and out of order, strange and eccentric junk space quality problems that Liu was a headache, couldn’t do


do? Or continue to engage in their own children that Internet cafes.

The site is

but HTML static page is good, or ASP,.Net, JSP, or PHP? We bought the book, and also search online tutorials on, too abstruse! Or look with a ready-made program.

and then search the web site program, eyes immediately took CMS or forums, is a DIGG program or BLOG? Is the choice of the open source community source or the charging procedure? Foreign WordPress/Joomla or Dede/ Empire? Liu all tried one times. Finally spent half a year, chose a domestic Digg program, the site finally

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