Yao Jinbo the next ten years is still the best opportunity for Chinese Entrepreneurs

Yao Jinbo

      Sina Technology "2013 annual Billboard Awards ceremony held in Beijing yesterday afternoon, many industry leaders talk about the meeting of wind and clouds of industry of science and technology. During the ceremony, 58 city CEO Yao Jinbo said that the next ten years will still be the best Chinese business for the past ten years, there is still a chance to change in the Internet environment.

in 2013, Yao Jinbo led the city to break the 58 Chinese enterprises overseas listing of the winter, the smooth landing of the NYSE, so that the international capital markets, the Chinese Internet industry unlimited business opportunities.

according to Yao Jinbo personally revealed that second days after the listing of the normal work to fly back to Beijing. He believes that in the mobile Internet era, a company’s leaders must take the enterprise to the faster lane.


has been successfully listed 58 city, but Yao Jinbo said, with the whole industry users and merchants equipment service and the Internet has just begun, may take 10 years to reach the standard of service that allows users to buy rest assured complete information query, on the Internet, and in the 10 years, the Internet will change the environment in this change, still bears the entrepreneurial opportunities.

in addition to entrepreneurial opportunities, Yao Jinbo believes that the economic environment is also beneficial to entrepreneurs. He admitted that he had the entrepreneurial environment, entrepreneurial people need to sell the house to support entrepreneurship. From the current environment, a reliable team coupled with a relatively perfect business model, the basic worry about investment. Yao Jinbo said that the current business environment for entrepreneurship compared to 5-10 years ago has been much better. (Ivan)

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