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A5 made a post "want to make money through the network not only relying on advertising", say is I don’t do Wangzhuan through advertising but through kart plug-in sites. Look at a lot of people say that I wrote the article rotten, very unhappy. But there are at least two of my top, and someone through my website to contact me, ask me how to do a kart plug-in plug-in through the website, to make money, since some people ask, since there are still people who can support my article, I want to share with you I do on site experience. Personal opinion, for reference only.

first, the army did not move, the forage. We have to analyze what games have market potential, to see how the operators to plug the crackdown, lest you plug in the first few days, is to seal, will not justify the cost, but also look at the number of online game player, a small number, you plug again good, website promotion is good is no good.

also want to look at the age of the players, in general, players focus on the ability to pay more than 18-30 years old players, so they can be in addition to the consumption of the game, can afford to plug the consumer. At that time, my friend and I took a fancy to a kart at this age of many game player (of course, children also pretty much) then we made even online games, have started looking for plug-in development programmers. In fact, you can go to A5 to find a forum, the place of the Crouching.Tiger,Hidden.Dragon.

as a plug-in development costs, due to the difficulty of the game and the development of plug-in and function proportional. Specific prices, we privately negotiated with each other, so that there is not much to say. It is best to be proportional to the technician in a way that we can accept, but others do have power.

as well as a key point of the plug-in is that the ability to crack, so as not to come out after the crack version came out immediately. However, the best way to crack version of the upgrade is to increase the function.

finally, is to promote the plug-in.

my last article said, do not let others see you this is a plug in website. But let others think you’re a player community. There are a lot of other people ‘s experience, the game Raiders, game technology. Players generally like to see this kind of article, we must remember to write more soft, so that players can accept your plug-in. They will try to accept it, remember not to download there marked the charges.

there is a plug-in to remember to make a trial, or functional limitations. The experience is good, the player will dig out of pocket. This is probably a step plug-in network, here is a summary, two of the most critical is the plug-in function is practical, and is distinctive, can I have no, I have no people; there is the promotion of the website.

I have two little experience

. For the promotion of the website is not only a two, remember. For example, I generalized SR >

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