Cool easou CEO Pan Jun website recognized is happiness at home industry five

(speed transit network small West interview room fifty-sixth) Xiao Xi’s words: question: what is the most happy thing? Answer: Pan Jun site is recognized is the most happy thing, so he can be "hard". Entrepreneurial days, although very hard, but very free, very happy. At present the company in the domestic cool network information classification belongs to the top five websites. The future, the overall goal is to cool the pan easy to do the classification of the information industry 3 strong, he believe in luck, more convinced of the strength to hold on.


cool CEO

Pan Jun easouNo

"T-shirt + jeans" male technical standard, no big boss. The company is in the cool CEO pan speed transit network Xiaobian short communication, but relaxed tone revealed a confident and proud moment. Casually playing with the phone, to make the interview seem more comfortable, like the exchange between friends.

venture, the key to see if you have passion

from the beginning of 99 years of contact with the computer, in 2002 contact with the Internet, and later to start their own business, Pan Jun has extraordinary enthusiasm for the internet. He helped students in college to do some web pages, after graduation to study the art of 8 months, and then work in a small B2C site. Pan Jun admitted: the beginning is not particularly understand, to download some source code, to deal with the boss. Later, I do not understand the technology does not work, the newspaper learned to learn programming. After adding meter net work, gradually contact operation and management after starting slowly."

in fact, the idea of entrepreneurship is very long rooted in the hearts of Pan Jun: from the day of contact with the community, I have been thinking about entrepreneurship, has its own company. Although the beginning is very confused, but a step by step forward to the ground, said easy and easy, the key to see if you have passion."

05 years or so, when the classified information website on the Internet fire up gradually, the market and the lack of a can let users free release information platform, Pan Jun by virtue of their observation of the Internet for many years, think this is an opportunity not to be missed. The mature technology has become the basis of entrepreneurship, and easy to cool.

disturbed the status quo for the dream of "hard"

Pan Jun is not a man. At first, he is a part-time entrepreneur, at the same time, he served as technical manager in quality rice network, is the company’s core member of.

and a lot of people in the eyes of decent work and generous treatment, and can not give him a sense of satisfaction. Pan Jun said: "before the salary for ordinary working class is also good, but I needed to live a year behind up to save more than 10 yuan, for me personally, I am not very satisfied with this number. Personally, I prefer a free life."

was cool when easou, Pan Jun.

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