Supply on your side – to teach you a few ways to find sources for the shop

usually in the forum or chat room to see a lot of sellers worry about sourcing, or can not find the source, or do not know how to find a good source.

online shop, almost worried about the market, but supply. No matter what to sell, supply is essential. Online shop there is space, low cost is an important factor, and mastered the supply of cheap and good, to grasp the magic of winning.

here I will find some of the common ways to get out with you to discuss, we hope to be able to help.

1, the general wholesale market. Like many around the market, such as Guangzhou Liuhua clothing wholesale market, Yiwu small commodity city.

this is the easiest way to find the source, but many sellers will ignore this simple method, and turned to the origin of goods. In fact, in the initial stage of your shop, if the sale of goods can not reach a certain amount, then in the local market, has been able to meet your needs.

advantages: update fast, multi species

disadvantages: easy to stock, the quality is not easy to control

2, brand agents. Open shop you need to be a conscientious person, you can pay attention to regular stores, and be sure to contact you, there will be a lot of discovery.

but relatively speaking, direct contact with the brand dealers, the need for greater volume. The more big brands, the price discount is higher, the real money, just completed sales after take rebate.

but if your store has developed to a certain extent, want to take the regular route, it will be a good choice!

has the advantages of stable supply, informal channels, goods not easy to stock

disadvantages: update slow, the price is relatively high

3, consignment vendor. This is a very popular way of supply.

by the supplier to provide pictures and goods, after the sale of suppliers can help direct delivery.

for beginners, this is a good choice, because all the information is complete, the key to see how you sell the goods.

however, when choosing this home, we must pay attention to his credit and quality of the goods, or not to solve the disputes encountered. Recommendations to the domestic well-known online consignment home ( to find the shop to provide consignment supplier.

has the advantages of simple and convenient, the click of a mouse, even without their own delivery tube, reap the commission. Low risk, capital investment in the province

disadvantages: goods do not go through their own hands, the quality is difficult to control, because the goods may not be enough to understand, and customer communication is more complex, poor operation will be in the middle of the review or poor

4, various

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