Business is business

said 100 is you have to understand how to make money, really earn money.

no good things to do as little as possible or not to do, this is a basic principle in business.

runs a business site, and all the resources on the site are transformed around your business goals. In addition, Google offers a number of excellent free services, and everything he does is inseparable from the charges. Search engines use more, the better the effect of advertising, advertising revenue will be more. Seemingly free, but it is charging

business website is the business, the Internet can not be separated from the pattern of this principle. So, if you want to rely on your site to make money, business strategy, the site can do business strategy. Then, put energy to do, so that they can focus on limited resources, do the most effective thing.

sometimes you may find your business, there is no web site can do very well, the site can not bring a lot of benefits for your business, then why do you spend money on a commercial website? Personal website is also very good!

and personal sites, the starting point is not for the purpose of profit model, the establishment of personal sites are often out of personal interest, the tragedy of a lot of personal websites is that at the beginning did not want to make money in the end. But when the site visits more and more when they found no income ". When you want to earn money, but found nothing on the site can be charged, or the user to resist charges, this situation has to blame yourself, who let you start to train so many free users!!

of course, we do not deny that there are a number of personal websites to create a successful transformation into a commercial website, the fairy tale". However, these stories are all produced and then the background and behind those transient opportunities, you may not know, now many successful commercial websites are first took the money and plan to start doing, there is no investment and investment effect is different. Not the fairy tale as life to fame bone dry, transformation in these aura of success, more is the personal website transformation of commercial website failures, suddenly out of the story, there are a lot of personal websites mainly rely on advertising to maintain their livelihood.

has a purpose to do, and the purpose of doing a good job and then find a way out, pay the price is very different, because the commercial website is a business.

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