15 years to change the world of the 15 sites

In August 1991, the United States will be officially Internet technology from military to civilian use, which triggered a global Internet boom, human life began upside down. Published this week in the British "Observer" list of 15 years to change the world’s 15 sites.

1 www.eBay.com (eBay)

create: Pierre Omidyar, 1995, · the United States


in addition to firearms and ammunition outside, you can buy anything I want here almost. Many people even give up their original work, instead of choosing to shop in this online store.

2 www.wikipedia.com (Wikipedia)

create: Jimmy · Welsh, 2001, the United States


The Encyclopedia is out of the ordinary place: it is open to all Internet users, everyone is a reader, and editor. You can create or adapt an entry at any time, all you need to do is click, type, submit, and then refresh.

create: Sean · fanning, 1999, U.S.


Music Sharing

website originally provided free music downloads, in 2000 more than 70 million registered users. However, the world’s five largest record company jointly accused it of copyright infringement lawsuit, making it unable to turn into a fee to download the site.

4 www.youtube.com

create: Hurley, Steve Zadeh · · Chen de · and Joe; Karuimu, 2005, U.S.


a people start to shoot their home videos on the site to share with friends, then more and more people begin to upload their own collection of film and television works, "

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