Zhou Hongyi’s ten classic arguments

360 chairman Zhou Hongyi love in summary, reflection. This is one of the core ideas that will be published in the first official biography of Zhou Hongyi’s refusal to mediocrity.

penetration in Zhou Hongyi’s life experience, he had to summarize or share all kinds of classic argument. In this book, written by Li Zhengxi, an economist, this represents a summary of Mr Zhou Hongyi’s personal style.

the following is the Tencent science and technology from the book to dig into Zhou Hongyi’s ten classic argument:

1 "Silicon Valley fever" has a great impact on career

talked about the greatest impact on his book, Zhou Hongyi will always talk about "Silicon Valley hot" this book.

"to go abroad to finance, and my subconscious has been affecting my book is not unrelated. 2, 3, I read a book about many Silicon Valley story "Silicon Valley fever". From the success story of Apple Corp, I first know the venture capital, it has brought a great impact on my later career."

with this book, he understood the difference between works and products, understand the value of the product must be used to achieve. In other words: the product not only to be produced, but also sold out; sell more, the more people use, the value of the product to achieve the full.

2 investment experience: do not know

Zhou Hongyi left YAHOO to become IDG technology venture capital investment partner. He hopes that his hand was born like Baidu and Tencent of the company, but has encountered many outrageous investment experience, such as investment goats’milk and soup, range and other projects. As a warning for the future, he finally determined: do not know


later, Zhou Hongyi summed up the three investment of higher failure rate: first, not familiar with the money inside is like buying lottery tickets; second, sometimes obviously not too optimistic about a project, but because of the friends sensibilities or vote; third, look at the project does not see a person, or do not look, too gamblers.

3 is not easy to succeed in class two

investment in some companies, Zhou Hongyi found a number of rules, he summed up the two types of people do not easily succeed in business.

is a kind of technical personnel. Because he is also a technical background, so understand their advantages and disadvantages. Technical personnel are particularly conceited, and China has so far no successful programmers.

is also a class of people, they are also the same as the majority of programmers, not listening to advice and suggestions. In fact, do not listen to other people’s opinions, especially conceited people, do nothing easy to succeed. He did the same with venture capital.

4 the opportunity for latecomers: big companies can make mistakes

Zhou Hongyi is talking about entrepreneurs and big companies

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