Entrepreneurial story Zhao Haidong and his Chinese ginkgo network

Pizhou Tiefu farmer Qin Huaichao is feeling the network brought him wealth and happiness — as long as he lost in the browser "www.zgyx.com", "China ginkgo net" the website immediately greeted his "Pizhou with super ginkgo nursery field perennial sale" propaganda page which is impressively. This is the university student Zhao Haidong is committed to the operation of China Ginkgo network". Now, this set of ginkgo cultivation technology, ginkgo ginkgo products supply and demand information, and ginkgo forum in one of the professional website, has been "wiped out", ginkgo industry has become the country’s largest comprehensive effect of ginkgo industry portal.

Pizhou has a long history of planting ginkgo, after years of development, Pizhou ginkgo planting area has reached more than 30 acres, is the largest ginkgo tree planting, gingko ginkgo and ginkgo health food production, product standardization production base.

Pizhou ginkgo has "field" more "city". In the main producing areas of Hong Kong, iron rich ginkgo town farmers often quipped: "we sell silver to buy silver". It is said that they based on the feet, look at the country, they cultivate the market, has formed the largest ginkgo tree trading market, throughout the year, regardless of when the day attracts all over the country and abroad to exchange ginkgo ginkgo tree Everfount to send the. More important is that all over the country through the China Ginkgo network can grasp the real situation of the ginkgo industry in the world, and through the website of the bulk trading.

but who knows, built such a fast broad platform, throwing Zhao Haidong exactly how much effort and sweat.


Zhao Haidong did not start ginkgo network, but Hui network".

like most students majoring in computer, after graduating from Zhao Haidong, assembled computers in the computer network in the Internet as the city, too, a teacher at the computer training class, do program development in the network company, but this is all for the people who work for others. Want to do a career of Zhao Haidong, or to


, rather than retreat webs. The winter of 2006, sailed in Xuzhou a few years later, Zhao Haidong dressed in a snow back to Pizhou. In the face of private enterprises and home Internet business services only "be in full swing, not betrothed yet the first awakening interest in the opposite sex" situation, Zhao Haidong will produce an idea, do a company specially for all types of enterprises and institutions to develop web services, but suffer from lack of experience, but also take heart failure, it has not been put into action.

everything is difficult at the beginning. The first single-handed office, where to start? Zhao Haidong really have the tiger to eat the day feeling. Hesitate hesitation, he accidentally from the Pizhou TV station to watch the labor bureau held a business training class enrollment advertising. Zhao Haidong as if in the dark night found a touch of light, they immediately signed up to participate in the SYB training.

"as soon as I walked into the U class in the training center, I found that it was not an ordinary skill training

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