Secret Wangzhuan training insider

now the network has a lot to do Wangzhuan training people. We can also see in the "Google ads". At the end of the day to earn a few hundred, thousand month, there are many tens of thousands of the sale value of wealth is what cheats… By Google for advertising, and each big Wangzhuan forum above, there are many such advertising. This kind of advertising has been a lot of crazy lately…

so, how should we look at these training? For the training of others, I have not participated in, of course, there is no right to speak. I just according to their own understanding of the network, to remind everyone Wangzhuan circle about the following:

1 if a person on their own projects, if you can really earn hundreds of days, then he is impossible to take out the project training. One is not necessary, since their operation can earn so much, why to earn that tuition, another is tiring to do the training, the energy, its own research projects well, there is so many people, is sure to be competitive.

2 so-called operation can be used for a few days, you can enter hundreds of days, such projects and things, basically does not exist. Because, do anything, any industry, is the need for a process, the process of continuous accumulation. The same is true of the network, even if you learn a lot of skills, then you do it yourself, or you have to have a process of development. For example, do traffic, even if you have mastered the method, it is also a certain amount of time, you can do the flow of new sites. You can copy other people’s stations, copying other people’s methods, but you can not directly on his site to the flow of your site to copy. That’s the truth!

3, in addition, there are some training, and to teach you to earn one hundred yuan on the banner of free, the temptation you help him to do publicity, or guide you to register the purchase, that… We think that if they do not get what benefits will teach you for free? If I can teach you what knowledge is also good, but after wasting a lot of time and confidence in you, you also did not learn what

hope that we have a good attitude adjustment, serious study, perseverance, I wish everyone can make money through the network, to achieve their dreams!

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