Zhou Hongyi entrepreneurs need to build equity pool of talented people, not sticking to formalities

business needs to build equity pool of talented people, not sticking to formalities

In the early

group of entrepreneurs, open a bureau, this is a "1", but can do much, can make the number 0 out of 1 in the back, a lot of the future need capable of adding together created. Enterprises to develop, to become bigger and stronger, we must introduce talent, the backbone of the enterprise continues to expand. But a problem: people introduced, and how to first team to achieve fusion? This is a lot of enterprises in the development process will have problems. Here, I have a suggestion: to break this bottleneck, in the design of incentive system efforts, is to prepare a large pool of options, regardless of the old employees or later, can benefit from the sustained growth of corporate value, so as to ensure a virtuous cycle.

entrepreneurship is a marathon, not ten years, is not the result of the eight. Entrepreneurship is like a relay race, the need for fresh blood to generate a wave of power. So, entrepreneurship is the speed of 100 meters sprint, wave after wave to run a marathon. If none of these newcomers, the old man is always a group to run a marathon, it is not far to be eliminated, is halfway tired hematemesis. Therefore, the enterprise should have a good incentive mechanism, so that you at every stage, can have a group of people, can take the baton, continue to run.

if there is no good incentive mechanism, the old and new team will run out of problems. New power in the old team, just like the milk into coffee, if mixing is not good, always coffee is coffee, milk is milk, drink up and certainly not the taste. Very early into the company’s people will regard themselves as the first batch of "veteran", that the couple will replace their position, is likely to produce a strong emotional rejection. The couple will feel stronger, why senators can comfortably enjoy their equity, can only earn the salary of? The two ideas have not been resolved, will form a separate small groups in the company, let the two dial away.

so, I think companies should establish a value. First of all, we recognize the value of early employees, you can get the most early stock options, your terms are the best. But you must recognize the people behind you, can not take him as an opponent. Secondly, the newcomers came back, the company also gave them share options, as well as their hard work to get the corresponding return.

here, I have some suggestions and entrepreneurs to share.

first, must take a stake in the company, set aside a lot of space, don’t kill the goose, just starting out at once into Dier, it was finished when. When we started the 360, has not yet started financing, we took out the first 40% of the staff and team. Later, although because of multiple financing and dilution, but to the time of listing, there are more than 20% of the shares are distributed to employees. 360 the proportion of employee stock ownership in all Internet Co in China >

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