Fab CEO the 90 things that started with the four companies

Jason Goldberg is the design of flash purchase site Fab.com CEO, this article from his personal blog Betashop. June 2011, Fab product line formally launched. Within 12 days, Fab sales reached $600 thousand. Outstanding performance for its $8 million A round of financing. November, Fab users exceeded 1 million mark. December, Fab conducted a $40 million B round of financing, valuation reached $200 million.

Fab the matter more than the founder of the crazy thing is, he wrote a serial entrepreneur he taught him 90 things, share and entrepreneurs. May be too many things, so that the original text to the last have lost the serial number. However, this does not prevent us from mastering its contents.

following his blog text, compiled by the tiger sniffing, slightly abridged:

entrepreneurship 90 things

in, I wrote a blog entitled "57 things I learned from the experience of setting up a technology company in October 27, 2010".

is honored that I saw that blog as a virus is spread, translated into a variety of languages, inspired a lot of entrepreneurs.

last week, I met with Fab’s potential partners in Tokyo. I was invited to participate in a discussion of the forum. The discussion soon referred to the 57 things. It’s really surprising. Two years later, thousands of kilometers away, people are still talking about these 57 things!


problem is coming. I realized that I had a list of things that I did in 2010, and that’s what I learned about two years ago, but it’s also an update. Especially this year my great changes, we put the Fabulis into Fab in 2011 (translator’s note: from the gay social networking site for the design of transformation products, then flash shopping site) in 15 months, Fab registered users expanded to 7 million 500 thousand, with 7500 suppliers partners and 600 employees, business the scale of expansion to 1.5 billion dollars.

so, here’s my upgrade to "57 things".

find your company "that thing". It needs to meet three conditions: you and your team are most passionate about it; you and your team are sure to be the best in the world; it has a huge market potential.

if you do not meet these three conditions, then what you are doing is wrong.

just do it. Other things distract. Don’t do extra projects. Don’t attend unnecessary meetings. Say no to anything that doesn’t help you do it.

everything is about the product. This is always the case, and so will it. The only thing that matters is how good your product is. Leave it >

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