Suggestions on how to develop personal website

the birth of a thing will always have two inevitable stages. The first stage is the birth season, many people crazy to rob. The second stage is the harvest season, there are more people to join. Buy is such a bright example. Mr. Ma’s sentence is: today is very cruel, more brutal tomorrow, the day after tomorrow will be very good, but the vast majority of people are dead tomorrow night, but can not see the sun the day after tomorrow, this is the group of people. So, today do not speak about the China group purchase, personal webmaster, through 10 suggestions about how to be your own personal website development, as to what procedures, and key in person, because the Human effort is the decisive factor.

!According to a 2010

data show: the current number of websites in China has exceeded 31 million, the number of personal site about 9 million, mainly concentrated in the Web2.0 personal website and search and e-commerce and so on, such as blogs, online dating sites, portals, regional, community forums, video search and other types of web sites. Obviously, the development of personal website is developing into a new economic model that can not be ignored, on the one hand, to some extent alleviate the increasingly serious contradiction of employment, to allow more people to choose the network business; on the other hand, will also promote the development of the Internet industry, let more emerging Internet companies to create more value for society. But there is a problem worth pondering, because many websites die tomorrow night. How to survive for a long time, it is worth pondering, here are some superficial suggestions, for reference only. (author: Zhao Chun)

suggested a: election is the key to the industry

so-called male fear of the wrong line, the woman afraid to marry the wrong Lang, in the beginning of the establishment of the site we must choose the industry. A familiar industry, operate easily. We often hear people complain about the network marketing, said the new transfer over the director, what do not understand, do blind command, and now the performance of the blame on us…… Wait。 You see, this is not the key to the industry. We don’t criticize the director. We first look for reasons from their own, can be left with a dry repression. A bit off topic, but. There are 2 advantages to the industry. 1, the state of the industry, operating practices, future development, profit model and so on their own clear, easy to carry out the work behind. 2, since it is familiar with the industry, after all, there will be many industry friends or master. You can learn from time to time. Zhao Chun remind everyone, although the industry, choose to be cautious.

recommendation two: do the assessment capability for

industry is a good choice, how to do it?. If I want to be a medical portal, whether I can do? The answer is filled with light, as can be imagined, will let you down. In the development of the Internet today, more and more open source programs, more and more tricks. Many webmaster is by the impulse. I think one day I have to rely on individuals to roll up a wave on the internet. I do not know the true silence of the deep sea. When building a personal website, be sure to

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