Adsense is a bomb in Google China

The last time we met Li Kaifu, Adsense was the most talked about topic. At that time, I put forward a point: if Google can not be a good solution to the rules of the game in China Adsense problem, I am afraid that there will be a public relations crisis. Indeed, some people broke out, and the momentum is not small.

with all pay per click advertising, Google Adsense will need to face the problem of click fraud. It’s not a matter of two days a day, or even a "near perfect solution.". But the biggest problem facing Google Adsense is not "click fraud", and in the rules of the game, if one day, you are cheating (Google that Google called "invalid click behavior or manual advertising"), you will never turn over day.

right of appeal: customer service response speed of Google is very fast, attitude is also very good, but because the Adsense cheating judgment mechanism algorithm proprietary, users get the answer can only be refused. And last, a special assistant in Li Kaifu and Mr. Guo Qiji chat, he also admitted that "and" rehabilitated "by the ratio is not high".Author:

the resurrection right: This is the most terrible thing. In the Google Adsense dictionary, there is no "reprieve", only "cut lijue".

Since the

1 for the resurrection right: to formulate a set of "Resurrection" mechanism, regardless of the user because of what the reason was blocked, but after a certain time can apply again. Of course, Google can have their own evaluation system, for example, such a record of the user and ordinary users to treat.

2 on examination cheating. I spoke with Li Kaifu and cotton cloth had such a problem: when the account is to stop often occur in Adsense just to $100 checks (accidental phenomenon?). This inevitably gives people "Google".

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