Google AdSense advertising will be a major reform – the highest income of up to $255

02 month 04 days according to the speed passenger s message: if you are a Google AdSense user, and has been put on the website AdSense promotion advertising, then you are likely to see recent AdSense promotion advertising $5 or $10 in new revenue for you in the income of AdSense results. Since the provisions of AdSense promotion advertisements are when a new user clicks on your AdSense advertising promotion after registered AdSense account, and then he began advertising AdSense, when he made a $100 advertising in 180 days, you can get a $100 reward. This is a way to motivate users to promote AdSense Google network. But why in the end there will be a $5, $10 AdSense advertising revenue?

Google Adsense address:The famous

expert network advertising Jennifer Slegg got some insider information, Google will soon be officially launched a new AdSense promotion advertising rules, and the new rules will allow AdSense users can get the reward of up to $255 from each new user on their recommendation. This is much higher than the previous $100.

in simple terms, the new rules are: in 180 days, recommended by users if earned $5, then you will get $5; if the recommended users earn enough 100 dollars, then you can get $250. In other words, in 180 days, you will receive a maximum of $255 for each user. As a result, even if you recommend the user in 180 days did not earn enough to $100, you can also get at least $5 reward, and will not get nothing, in vain. This new rule will undoubtedly further stimulate the existing AdSense users to promote the enthusiasm of the AdSense network, compared to some more fair.

The new provisions of this

not only effective for future promotion, and probably also due to the conversion of 180 days before the effective, Google will automatically convert the old before according to the new regulations to give users the corresponding reward.

Jennifer Slegg also revealed that Google will soon officially announced the new regulations. Based on past experience, Jennifer Slegg news is generally very reliable, because she often directly with Google AdSense, YPN and other ad network team members direct contact and exchange. Then we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

update 1:Google Denmark Division has confirmed the news.

update 2:Google AdSense official confirmed the news, here are more details:


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