How to get advertising in Taobao

sellers can apply for advertising in the community, to promote their shops or goods. However, due to the various user groups and browse the community is quite large, making the community’s advertising has become very popular, the seller needs to buy or bid to get.

a, booking Taobao ad

Taobao’s ad is divided into forum advertising, community home page advertising and station advertising. In the Taobao application advertising not only requires a certain number of silver coins, but also to buy and book.

"silver" is a kind of virtual currency provided by the Taobao community, for the purchase of recommended bits, exchange prizes and gifts, etc., can not be exchanged for cash.

earn silver coins, you can buy advertising.

two, booking eBay ad

eBay ads are the main community home page recommendation, the forum section of the home page recommendation and posts recommended three pages. Three types of recommended places to provide 20 ads a day, first set first. Recommend the purchase of the need to use the "beans" (virtual currency, similar to Taobao’s "silver"). Method of obtaining currency beans is the community post replies. After you have enough beans, you can buy a recommendation.

The number of currency beans

different advertising position required are different, in particular: community home recommended 50 currency beans | day forum page recommends 30 currency beans | days post recommended page 40 currency beans | days.

three, booking pat ad

pat Network recommendation can be divided into community recommendation and recommendation a gold paradise. Pat net sellers can pat pat community gold plate auction advertising. Pat sellers in the community, published reply posts or through caifutong trade can obtain the corresponding reward, "silver" coins when accumulated to a certain amount of time, can be converted into pat "ingots" to buy a pat Network Community recommendation.

four, booking a bit AD

Baidu currently has a community recommendation community recommendation is free of charge. The seller can log on, I have ah, through the promotion of registration to participate in a lot of plans a lot of show, sun strange activities, to compete for the opportunity to get the ad recommended. Can ah alliance forum post replies by the accumulated points in Baidu, to increase access to the recommendation, advertising opportunity.

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