Wei Zhe Entrepreneurship no stranger is the principle of building a team


Vision Knight Capital founder Wei Zhe

Wei Zhe memory for dates sensitive and accurate: he can recall the entrepreneurial team for the first time in the day of the case, also can casually say first fund raising is the day to complete, even forget the office officially opened the day.

believes that Wei Zhe also remembers the 2011 of the year of February 21st. Over 2010 Alibaba exposed for thousands of customers fraud, zhe CEO Wei’s B2B to "defend Ali values" resigned. But the media generated considerable debate on the "Chairman Ma Yun Ali cries cut Ma Su" act.

calendar to the page. After the resignation of Wei Wei did not give yourself a holiday, but immediately began to think about how to transition. He did not want to do the emperor, but to create value investors.

in recent years, PE (Private Equity, private equity) in China has been mutated to People ‘s Equity (Universal investment), the bubble is being enlarged. Friends around to persuade Wei Zhe not to join the fun.

, however, Wei Zhe thinks the time is right. "When the wind blows hard, pigs can fly. Birds don’t have to learn to fly." Wei Zhe likened to the strength of the economic climate of the wind. He believes that when the economic slowdown, companies need to fight internal strength, spontaneous requirement of enhancing the management and operation level. So, they need to give investors not only money, but also management and operational resources.

claimed that the mentality of zero, the rich generation of entrepreneurs, Wei Zhe always proud to say, we are the first in China has exclusive operations management team of Vc firms." He gave his own company named Vision Knight Capital, transliteration is "dimension Sony capital", which means "the vision of the knight".

September 5, 2012, Wei Zhe’s office of the company has enabled the first anniversary. In August 31st, Wei Zhe with correspondents visited him in Shanghai Kerry’s office. Pingchuang Beitiao, Century Park on the left side of the panoramic view, is on the right side of Hutchison Whampoa  in Shanghai luxury villa project "Royal court". Wei Zhe to build the first fund name "Jiayu" two words, namely from "Kerry" and "Royal court".

set vision, team

"do business is self-employed, is a person carrying a bag to start things." From March last year, Wei Zhehua two months, brewing business every step in the mind.

"what is the future of this’ child ‘when he is thinking about this problem, he finds that he has a very different way of thinking when he is self-employed. When I used to be a manager, I felt that

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