Rookie to money making idea website

1 want to make money blog

at that time, I was through Ali’s mother to see. At that time saw the mother of Ali and cooperation can be put in the mother blog advertising. So he went to apply for the blog, put ads. But advertising is not the key to the default page. There are few clicks. Besides, the sponsor has been cancelled. Now it’s public service advertising. There is no attention to him and then went to apply for a GG account, on the blog homepage, blog every day. You see, by the way it will be ad. But very little income. Also. It’s too easy to make big money. Keep trying。 Later also mixed for a while in the blogosphere and. All very impetuous.

Want to do make money


then came to Ali mother in the community, see some expert many intentions of doing their own website. Start thinking about making a website. At that time, I think the QQ theme station should be a good choice, so immediately registered a domain name Want to do QQ expression download station. The following is a selection of CMS, and began to see the king is using dede. I began to try to use, but I do not have a basic foundation can not be started, the tutorial is too small, the acquisition of the first look at my head and then switch to easy CMS, very fast to get started, there are many tutorials. So buy space, upload, collect. But there’s a problem. I collected pictures can not let the user right click to add expression. A lot of people don’t know what’s going on. Very depressed ah.

3 want to do meaningful things, the way to make money

began to think about some questions. I am not to do a more meaningful station? I am an ankylosing spondylitis patients, six months ago the total hip arthroplasty, it should belong to the disabled standard. Haha, I think, I can do a joint replacement on the relevant scientific literature download site. I was in school, now free to download to a lot of database information. Once to the society has to pay before you can download these precious documents. Maybe many patients will need these data to understand the disease. Better care of their joints although the quality of the current journal articles is not so good. Ha-ha。 But you can refer to it. Do it, so I was the first site on the success of the line, each article is my first download, upload, published in the. Very hard. Ali mother to listen to figure in the story, but also referred to the endto. Happen to be in the computer newspaper to see the endto article, is to promote a SEO companion software. Personal webmaster world is really small.

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