Decrypt the 2010 most profitable nternet people in the domestic trade of the second phase

the first phase of the article: 2009-2010 decrypt the most profitable Internet the first phase: the domestic medical class, write after many readers ask this in the profit is very big but that policy risk, there does not seem to fit a bigger team to operate. There is no more suitable for the collective truly engage in E-commerce on the.

here is the most profitable group of people, their low-key and pragmatic enterprising, from the financial crisis began in the operation or do this kind of transformation. First by (English) search " cheap nike" just point to open several web service system, and then they find " Hello, What Can I; Do For You "? E; the scary? Well, we use Chinese to chat with him, what if people cannot read Chinese? OK, very popular, 36 foreign language service traffic. It was a joke. They are in fact Chinese. Try " cheap uggs" ten pages of the station. More than half Chinese open. Surprised? Do not need to input a English Google which has some well-known shoes, clothes, bags or in the world brand name, search results back most of the first 10 pages of the website home page at Address with copyright China. is not surprising. Guangdong is not a lot of very large B2C company put on the ADwords advertising costs tens of millions every month. Today, we have eight it.

we may grow from the television to hear our leaders and foreign leaders together to oppose trade protectionism, this is what? After the financial crisis of various countries in order to enterprise survival problems in the country, large quantities of imported products. But less protection to which their people buy their own products the price is very expensive. There are policy measures, the Internet can make them through the network to buy those banned China cheap goods, and China foreign trade enterprises also took the opportunity to operate foreign trade through the Internet. Before the face of the dealers, and through the Internet to directly face the customer. A pair of Domestic 200 yuan the shoes online and sold to European 200 euros, they think it is very cheap. Because ordinary people overseas income higher than domestic. They not only tiny but adventitious quantity The mall shoes at least 300 euros or more. Of course the domestic foreign trade to sell a lot of fake goods, but the quality is very good, there is even a genuine and down the line. So the foreign people also love to buy.

EMS, TNT, UPS, DHL logistics system developed to make China goods to foreign buyer only need about a week’s time, the foreign trade enterprises only need to operate the electronic commerce website is to spend some money. The British cultural mall system at home and abroad, and then was to promote it, how to promote?


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