Do you believe that you can make money with the comments

wants to make a lot of money is not wrong, but we must understand that the accumulation of wealth is actually like a snowball, the process must be experienced from small to large, only the initial advantage of CAI will be snowball snowball, the advantage will become increasingly evident. A lot of people do not have to build the site after the traffic, learning SEO feel confused. The site barely held on for months and eventually gave up. I understand them, there is no traffic on the site can not make money, who can not earn money to live. Big internet. The traffic on the Internet is unlimited, however, these flows only belong to people who understand it". Only understand it, you can get unlimited access to traffic, you can control the flow.

under normal circumstances, the new station to get traffic through the following three ways:

1 buy traffic

2 through search engines to get traffic (SEO)

3 manual propaganda flow

one of the third methods, manual propaganda traffic is the lowest level, but also the most dismissive. But it is the most suitable for novice operation. So today I want to talk to you about the most stupid way of manual propaganda".

now the Internet has entered the era of Web2.0, in the end what is 2, what is the 3? In fact, I also don’t understand, I only know that the site is now pay attention to interaction, interaction is that users can express their views and opinions on the site. One way to interact is to write reviews.

website comments function to the site to increase interactivity, but also to those of us who do network promotion can leave the machine. When I was a novice, a few years ago, accidentally discovered ranked first in military blog, each article has tens of thousands of visitors. So I decided to catch some fish here.

I use the

method to comment on this blog, then do recommend project download Firefox popular, a download of 8 cents. I am constantly changing all kinds of women’s hair net, commented: use the Firefox browser to search foreign porn sites, and then gives the Firefox download address. Of course, this address is my own website.

but my comment was released one or two minutes will be deleted by the administrator, but it does not matter, delete me and then. In this way, I am here, the administrator on the other side to delete my comments, he deleted my hair. And I was shot for a place, let him impossible to guard against. Relying on such a comment, I earned more than 4 thousand a month, for the time of the network was just for me, but not a small number of.

After the cancellation of

Firefox recommendation, I continue to use this method to do SP, or use the net to seduce women. Temptation to a satyr registration can deduct 6 dollars, one day can lure to dozens of people registered, earn about $200. The benefits of being a SP alliance are