From the master to mentor gorgeous turn of the industry focus

wrote: Thank you in front of the webmaster Taiai, in the last essay, just wrote readily wrote something, no thought it was listed as the top, now a year has passed, today writing this article is through here: to make a summary, give others a spur.

a, industry focus

1, wells

many webmaster put stall shop was great in the beginning, a local forum will be dozens of hundreds of plates, a website is not hate industry recruitment, talent supply and demand, what are included, from our experience, the industry website also needs to be focused, such as industry recruitment, supply and demand information, can highlight a certain point, we take the lubricating oil industry, there is a special recruitment website, do a professional, in addition to advertising revenue, membership revenue, and headhunting income, in addition to the website, as well as basic magazine media, some enterprises have mutual penetration, do network start a magazine, but also do the magazine on the web, called "all media", but forget that any enterprise can not only find a supplier or a media cooperation , do two kinds of media, the customer will only choose one, and the enterprise’s energy, manpower, material resources are limited, it is impossible to do the same thing at the same time two. I used to think SS Yasukatsu is too monotonous, it launched a business system, not only the dispersion of our energy, let our own team to fight each other, the customer is difficult to choose, we also lose their characteristics, now finally stopped the business system. This experience, in fact, is not to play with the mouth of ten wells, it is better to be determined to dig a hole, as long as the dig deep enough, not only may dig up the water, but also may be able to dig up the oil it!

2, electric vehicle

in the development of a few years, taking into account the energy will be exhausted, started a new energy – electric information network operators, from the line to today, has been three years, but so far no income, summarize the reasons: lack of energy, a website is not only update the article, more to have a thorough understanding of the industry, only to go deep, and business dialogue, but also to provide users love website content; not enough manpower, although it is actually a company, or a person not to make the world, you can’t afford, but the ratio of input and output is difficult to measure, after all, I also work here, in the enterprise the time to complete the task, even if OK, the future of the company and their own business and of no importance, and are considered "whenever and wherever possible to do what? How to do?", invited people to Renxinbugu;, if the site to the staff, lubricating oil, electric cars such a small industry, at least it is easy to let the staff have to do their own "idea, many sites, these two industries are so out of the inbreeding coefficient. In addition to these three reasons, their own and a lot of business executives in the exchange, deeply felt: there is no sunset industry, only the closure of the company, as long as there is equipment, you need lubrication. So, this year to give up such a pluralistic