Looking for steel network the seller of iron and steel traders to sell online

in addition to selling books, selling clothes, selling home appliances, the Internet can sell what? Sell steel!


steel, you can conduct online transactions?. There is a web site is to do such a thing: the upstream help mills and large steel traders downstream steel buyers sellers, help purchase information release free. The company name is "steel": B2B trading platform; help sellers faster sellers, to help buyers find the right source.

May 2012, looking for steel wire formally launched. Founder Wang Dong original in a steel spot search based Internet Co do professional managers. Steel industry is different from other industries, due to the refinement of products, product prices, goods and other information search can not be completed by Baidu, can only rely on professional search engine. As CEO’s Wang Dong believes that in addition to professional search, the site should also do something more valuable: not only to do an information provider, but also should be deeply involved in the transaction between buyers and sellers. But this idea has not been recognized by the boss, so he and two partners Rao Huigang, together to create a network of Shanghai.

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a lot of people may have a doubt: Iron and steel this commodity, online trading is not better? Why on the line?

To understand the status quo of

line under the steel market: online trading, steel from steel mills to the end to go through five aspects: mills — agent (also known as the long association) – middlemen – purchaser – terminal. In these five links, the middleman in this section of the highest profit margins, often from the hands of large agents to get the goods, and then a substantial increase in sales to buyers. Especially in the steel industry boom, because of short supply, many small buyers tend to be in the most disadvantaged position, the money can not buy. The whole line of trading chain is not a fair, healthy ecological chain. Iron and steel industry boom, is the seller’s market; when the downturn, the buyer’s market. In this one, the middleman sometimes for some type of steel stockpile. Let the middleman profiteer stockpile, mills and the interests of the buyer suffered great damage.

to break the line of this unhealthy trading ecosystem, it is necessary to build a set of advanced models, and the Internet can achieve this. Wang Dong put the five links into the line: Steel – B1 (under the line of large agents) – Z (the original middleman, is now looking for steel mesh) – B2 (the original purchaser) – terminal. The original line of the intermediary is to find the network platform instead of steel.

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steel to replace the original middlemen, but it does not earn profits, for example, a steel buyers commissioned to buy a type of steel, if the upstream agent price is 4000 yuan / ton, steel or 4000 yuan to offer to the buyer, does not increase. Find >