The rebate system is the biggest bottleneck Wangzhuan forward

from my contact Wangzhuan the moment, there is a new term has been around me: "rebate". Yes, for the novice, rebate or attractive enough, after all, many people including I entered the threshold of Wangzhuan the first money is receiving rebate money. In the face of their own from the company, out of the community, the first money received from their own business, I think everyone is full of joy and sense of accomplishment. However, too obsessed with rebate is the biggest bottleneck in the development of personal wangzhuan.

maybe you will say, you are a webmaster, of course, you have to return to the commission. To have such doubts of friends, I will choose to remain silent, silence is just a question to reply, then in response for himself in the defense, I don’t have enough time to waste time, perhaps in the future I will completely withdraw from the ranks of rebate. Do Wangzhuan offline friends, why don’t you think? A rebate money how many, how many earn a month? As long as 1 line list more than one month off all the rebate. Please go and chase to a few cents a few cents, why not spend some time thinking about how to make more money? I’m afraid this is the rebate system the most direct harm to the line, all waste time on these things on the power cut off, a lot of people to earn more money. I often look at a lot of friends because of a little money chasing after, I can understand their feelings, after all, who are not psychologically deceived. But to the contrary, you may get a chase time, read an article, learn a higher knowledge, money and so far more than a little


personally, and novice, do Wangzhuan are commissionable start. However, 5-6 received a rebate, I began to feel that if I just stared at the rebate so little money, I never go beyond my line, line 20 line, I can only take 20 of the money is not 100% rebate; I will never make a breakthrough; forever to earn more money. Do not remember which day, I quit as a return to the assembly line, and I have a higher demand for their own. Up to now, get the return of not more than 5 yuan. How much heart, you will go far, I have always believed that everyone wants to make more money, but money is not the way to earn.

to today, every day to see a lot of friends complain about the group did not earn money, I just want to say that we first put the eyes long, relaxed ideas. At the beginning of every day I look at the master of the thousand knives million knives, think of their own hair a few cents back to the commission income, I feel very sad. I think again and again, why people can not do it yourself? Maybe there are many places to learn. They will see some master write tutorials every day, really very good. Today, I am waiting for the record after the sixth industry stand on the line, and then come back to think about their own, their progress has been far from a little.

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