How to do a good job QQ mail marketing to achieve millions of orders

Internet advertising competition is more and more big, more and more peers, looking at a single product lot, but advertising costs deducted fees and expenses, some mixed is how the webmaster can There is not much left., no matter how we survive? Advertising, as long as you put a stop advertising immediately detained there! Advertising means a permanent? Today to share with you a super affordable QQ mail marketing, I let you every single.

A: QQ e-mail marketing to create a cash database.

may also use a lot of webmasters, but really can not use QQ mail. QQ for 80, 90 after the impact is not too much, and now Tencent do so well, QQ is a gold mine to be excavated. We want to use the Internet to make money, QQ must not forget, compared with sina, the NetEase, a good marketing QQ mail is the biggest pop, as long as the message came, immediately pop, this may be the first day of the second day customers do not look, do not look, but a month? A year? As long as you the content of hair is attractive, don’t worry, one day someone will see.

two: QQ e-mail marketing to do precise.

advertising must be accurate, you do weight loss products, if you put into the middle of the old people’s exchange group is estimated to have nothing to do, so it is very important to do precision. May be the webmaster to consider the cost of the problem, but the cost of the database is just a list of nothing, it’s a pity.

we make an analogy, if a 20 thousand mail you is 500 of the cost, so the 20 thousand mail can bring customers much? And you need to know is that the database is available for recycling, as long as you have the database, how to send what, the webmaster website basic are the profits products, a single may have hundreds of yuan, but our database is accurate flow, our advertising for accurate mass, which may lead to more customers attention, which as long as the achievement of one or two single, we put the cost of the database back to make, so the database the cost is negligible.

three: mail can not direct marketing.

In fact, since the

is to receive orders, not to say only one way. We say you are now selling the LED lamp, don’t you email that I sell is led lamp? That few people are willing to see, you will think: This is a spam, someone selling a product! So people don’t read the mail, so try not to use the direct marketing. What do we do?

owners must be long-term vision, in fact, there are many ways to send e-mail. We say you are selling led beads, our mailing theme could be some knowledge of the content, and then attract customers with our QQ customer service number, so QQ what to say. Although it is sometimes added Q>