Talk about how to make hundreds of thousands of dollars to make use of Google marketing

I was a novice, a year do Wangzhuan, this article may be very simple for veterans. Just want to share with the novice! You can take me as an example to promote their website products.

the first to do this station is really hard because I only slightly understand some do stand for SEO knowledge, not every day, rely on a large number of post mass publicity is suffering, and not much improvement, only 5-6 hours of sleep every day, other time all into this career.

later thought Baidu promotion checked the start-up capital 5600 yuan to buy to buy software because of the server hands basically not much money! I hesitate not to do, one day suddenly think of Google, so I can see it again with Google with the help of advertising and marketing.

for the first time I rushed 100 yuan to set the price of the hair into the key sub set of 1: hotel reservation hotel reservation

second days to look at the statistics of a IP did not enter! So I find reasons.

The results of

with the help of Google to find out why! My first price is too low, like this too precise keyword price at least to set your website to display the 2-5 element to the Google home page,

later I thought about those who often travel, to find the hotel will search what other related keywords. So I set a map of the Shanghai Shanghai Hotel Shanghai Hotel call train tickets Shanghai ticket reservation, set up more than and 30 city, set the price of 1 yuan second days that really pick up though not scheduled.

is a good thing but better so I thought some business people often search the keywords, so I have to borrow money with the keyword plus price! Do a month website has a fixed customer base of


I’m not too good to say anyway, I hope we can build their own consumer groups through their own advantages.