Do take delivery distribution, technology is productivity

thin, from the beginning of 2009, Zhao Jianfeng has plunged headlong into the takeaway delivery market for nearly 5 years. In the past 5 years, he took out the distribution of start-up companies point of my experience to prove that: through technology, delivery can also be tall.

in fact, taking delivery is not as easy as it seems. If you remember we mentioned in the discussion of the final one kilometer 2C distribution efficiency, probably know difficulties in this industry: sudden large orders, crews are idle, still belongs to a labor-intensive nature of heavy industry. As an entrepreneurial project, the coefficient of difficulty really high.

but Zhao Jianfeng decided to play, he resigned from a listed company, and the acquisition of a food distribution company, trying to use a slightly idealistic way to describe a new possibility. Prior to this, Zhao Jianfeng worked in the Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Surveying and mapping, and then into the eastern communications. IT has a profound background when he believed that the most primitive human business model suffered the impact of new technology, the industry will probably exist.

ordering takeaway delivery platform +

is the first from the quantitative change to businesses and users to start docking.

today, in the city’s high-end restaurants, almost inevitably queuing. But more often, this queue is not caused by the lack of food and beverage reception capacity, but businesses limited by the venue, can not be arranged in a timely manner to the store user dining. In fact, there is also the background of the restaurant kitchen staff surplus human resources. When the demand exists and the supply is possible, take out.

at present, point me in Hangzhou has been with the high-end catering business in more than and 400 signed a cooperation agreement, the user in the point of me on the platform can achieve takeaway ordering. I have also become the largest single market in Hangzhou takeaway delivery company, and from my point of order has become an important part of many catering enterprises.

in addition to order takeaway docking, the key lies in the distribution. Generally speaking, dining takeaway is divided into two types of outsourcing and self built. For most food and beverage companies, due to the lack of per capita volume, the use of outsourcing is the best way. To grandmother’s house for example, usually after the user orders, they will pack the dishes, and then handed over to me for delivery. In the whole process, I will charge 6 yuan per unit, distribution costs.

however, if only as a core, I also just an ordering platform + distribution company, is also a network of takeaway ordering, delivery is also money, and other company is not much difference. As a heavy asset company, Zhao Jianfeng think is a more advanced play: technology to improve efficiency.

technical selling water

summed up, I point to improve the efficiency of technology can be divided into three parts:

GIS+GPS based order scheduling and tracking system based on

. Since Zhao Jianfeng had experience in GIS related industries, click on me