Google advertising agency, some insider broke the news

Google advertising is often said that advertising, or AD advertising. I was in the Google advertising company to work here on the exclusive information in this regard to the newspaper reported that it is absolutely exclusive.

know more about Google people know, to do Google AdWords ads in 2 ways, and the other is to find Google’s regular agents do, and the second is to have their own cards online.

if you are a person to do, the keyword is not very popular proposal to do online.

if the company is doing, the need for profitability goals, the word is relatively hot, the company did not understand the background of the people of Google, it is recommended to find agents, more service charges are also a lot of your company.

I’m focusing on Google AdWords advertising agency:

in the power and resources, Shanghai, Guangdong rushed off times to win Zibolan, Beijing, Beijing public goods interaction, Hangzhou Netcom interconnection, Suzhou world and Zhengzhou, Chengdu, Hebei Yisainuo Pangu is commerce, Ji’nan, Changzhou, in the online search Yangzhou Ding Jie, Jinhua Century Internet, Wuhan dragon, Shanghai Guosheng, Tianqing Nanjing, Xi’an, China net win Wenzhou Chinese rich investment, science and technology, Chongqing Jia Zhi Guangdong, Tianjin, Qingdao Teamtop Internet online love search, Xiamen billion capital and Ningbo tiger wing.

more than twenty-six authorized agents are Google formal certification of authorization, the company should pay attention to the point, Google advertising agency does not exist such a level of agents such as grade two. Google is not allowed to more than 26 agents in the development of subordinate agents. To be fined and have the right to recover the agent.

more than 26 agents do not pay attention to everyone, the first 2 are not added to the address of these agents in the calculation of NB in the. Do the national market. The remaining 24 are regional business.


, in resources, Google is also the first 05 China agents. (indeed, Google to 2 companies are a little afraid of, the 2 companies in the Google ads customer resources accounted for a lot, that Google paid a lot of money every year, so Google is on them. If the 2 companies do not go agency, Google Google AdWords in this loss will be a lot. Of course, Google into China or find their own 2 companies. Now if the company wants to do agents, Google still depends on your ability to do not have the ability to look at what you are, and now Deputy Google is not so simple.

the remaining 24 agents are agents in various regions, do their own market. Are minor. Because the agent in the agent of Google is 1 years of age, that is, you more than cattle companies, and you have signed for 1 years, 1. See you in this area do 1 years after 1 years, and whether illegal sales practices (such as: grab the other agents customers to reach a deal to dispense with the service fee and so on) I know there are 2 is cancelled by Google over qualified agents. What is the reason not to investigate >

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