Personal website to ensure stable income, choose the advertising alliance is the key

recently read stationmaster net advertising version, often find that stationmaster of a lot of the site suffered a "cheater alliance", a lot of grievances to the webmaster friends talk, a lot of shady going to expose. In fact, the big woods, what birds are, advertising alliance development well, there will be some bad people, to be opportunistic, use their dominant position, to buckle a "station, take a walk, let a bad Chourou good pot of porridge" tendency.

in the final analysis, it is recommended that we want to ensure that the site is normal and stable advertising revenue, a good selection of advertising alliance. There is a long-term stability of the advertising alliance, regardless of their long-term development of the site, or from the point of view of the site’s revenue, are indispensable. A few years ago, advertising rapidly, many personal websites are changed with the advertising alliance. From the beginning of last year, China Mobile introduced the policy, strict regulation of SP operators, single "two confirmations" one, do not know how many dead SP enterprises, followed by a series of chain reaction occurs, most rely on advertising alliance advertising SP, began to face a tough choice of transformation of OR’s death. Some of the changes in the business strategy is not successful advertising alliance, in the very little amount of advertising, only through the amount of support to survive.

therefore, the choice of advertising alliance must look at the brand, look at the credibility, and then is to look at the price of advertising is how much, what kind of advertising, suitable for their own website investment. There are a lot of advertising alliance formal, the need to apply the website owners to do the audit, but in fact, this alliance cautious behavior, officially out of a responsible attitude, realize the goal of advertisers, website owners, advertising alliance win-win results, otherwise, without any restrictions, just to get a page can obtain advertisement the code, the final result may all be satisfied. It can be said that the more the need to review the advertising alliance, the more likely to be trusted alliance, because such an alliance is really the thing when a career to do.

recommended a number of well-known advertising industry alliance, for your reference.

A++    Google AdSense,

does not require any audit, as long as there is a station can control their own, you can. Registration is more trouble, you need to look at the registration of each of the foreign ideas is not the same as the Chinese people. Click on the Google advertising revenue is still relatively high, mainly the text of the type of advertising, you can always view the income, analysis of advertising revenue sources, according to this analysis to adjust their advertising placement.

A++    Ali alliance,

Alibaba’s website, most of the time or

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