The alliance customer service bully us such a small webmaster!

this morning on the QQ, or the "elite Alliance Network Alliance", the website is, or to discuss cooperation matters, several times before I have refused. Still, after I refused, the union service immediately falling out of its original appearance, can’t cheat moment, the following is the text, if there are changes, the family to die. We are such a small webmaster was bullied ah!

Hello, I; elite network alliance customer service QQ number is: 750891814

below is a text record

elite League 10:40:34

WebUnion jiint our site is
to elite network alliance and your site cooperation
hello at you to advertise abroad
  next time don’t find me;

Hello 10:46:57
*** did not force ah
you * * * not to pull the black, Lao Tzu don’t need you,
* * * to buy WebUnion

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