Share my Taobao shop 2 months Chong drilling experience million monthly income

My Taobao

February drill, the monthly income of 10000 yuan.

09 years from June to the present in the Taobao stumbled quickly 2 drill, from many soft Wen said Taobao venture into a minimum also have their own views and opinions.

shop start-up cost is small, low threshold, low risk

this word often seen in Taobao soft Wen, in fact, this is not the right time and effort to invest is very large.

1 low threshold, low cost

product expertise

you have to know your professional information most in the industry, and chat to know that when guests, things related to this industry! As I do now and love like underwear, the same clothes as many people say, you why so expensive? It has a great influence on the price of clothes and fabrics for example, our fabric all imported Austria Blue Beijing company model, also a lot of misunderstanding and modal, modal is simply a viscose, the glue, Beijing is the best, their brand is modal. To do this is domestic, Japan, Taiwan, Japan, in fact, is the United states. Many are looking at this brand with a good use of the next.

product price

clothing is good or bad look at the fabric, workmanship and design. Speaking of the modal is in front of Austria. Woven fabrics, such as the use of the 40 yarn 50 yarn 60 yarn, the yarn, and so on, is not familiar with the terms of the ordinary people, the best product is woven from the 80 yarn, and black and white with the love of the 60 yarn. Of course there are fabrics such as cotton, polyester collocation% + of your% + of your%, or cotton or cotton polyester% + of your%, in fact, is a relatively good collocation of 47%+ cotton Modaier 47%+ polyester 6%, this dress is comfortable to keep strong, feel is very good. 100% modal dress is comfortable, but maintenance is not good, the clothes hanging. 50% cotton 50%+ modal is comfortable, but not elastic. Such as a lot of problems, need to know more time, Taobao’s competition is very powerful, in front of 20 to want to have a lot of difficulty in front. Many began to do the train, which also increased the cost. I have a big talk with Taobao mall advertising client manager to understand a month of good Taobao store advertising investment is more than 18W, and these are part of the price component.

and now in Taobao you buy something more than that is sold in the picture that we had black and white love please network Reds Zhang Xiaoyu photographs is not a small fee. The other is to add 3 people together to do pictures, do effect, upload and so on time + Network + computer. I said my little point I got almost 1 months. A word "tired", two words "tired", the three words "very tired". The success of the Taobao shop to open Taobao to have professional photography, image processing, and the other is to often go to the forum post bar, send their own soft Wen, to attract flow >

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