ntroduction of several foreign trade links

if you have English stand, then you can have a good harvest by selling links. I played in the major link market, sum up some experience to share with you now, selling the first backlinks backlinks link, the biggest advantage is the WordPress plug-in, the installation is successful, others are not, all things are handed over to the backlinks processing, including payment.

1 ask2link:ask2link, the operation is not difficult, the judgment factors, restrictions on the PR value is not high, can be independent pricing. There are WordPress plugins, but must be widgets.

2, linkadage and backlinks are the same: the basic interface, but there are two days in a different, independent pricing, pricing and PR =0 can also sell links; two, did not find the WordPress plug-in, that is to say the installation easier than backlinks, PHP, ASP, Perl language support.

3, teliad: This is more simple, submit your site, waiting for someone to buy your link, someone buy you will be within 24 hours of the link code into your site. Can also be independent pricing.

now there are a lot of people ask why their website can not sell links. In fact, very simple, although the above links to support the sale of Chinese stations, but foreigners can understand Chinese or very little. So try to use standard English to describe their own station, in addition to a wide range of classification, if you can establish tag or keywords, the best can be more appropriate. Personally think that is not the higher the PR, more links to sell.

is more than some of my experiences in the sale of English market links, finally AD my Chinese station Wangzhuan network: www.cash8.org, English station is no longer here at AD.