A 80 grass root counterattack nternet business story

I’m a standard 80, as the average age and left the campus, into the community, doing a job you don’t even love, muddle along without any aim over each day, ordinary cannot ordinary.

if it is not a small word, I guess I’ll always ordinary to the old. He asked me, "what is youth?" I suddenly felt funny, but I really do not know how to answer, it is very complicated to say. I asked him what the answer is, but he said the answer can not be answered, how they think, then what is youth. He believes that our youth is miserable, two Indoorsman no girlfriend, what should do, seize the youth of the tail, so you can "when you recall the past, not because of mediocrity and shame!"

I love people who travel from the hornet’s nest, where network to the mobile phone APP on the road, cicada travel, have my trail, I was a school e-commerce professional students, comprehensive look, I want to be a tourist site. We all know that love people who travel most love is free, it is not normal life, simply to "speculation" of the company, to do. But before the resignation, or do some preparatory work. Words, a variety of procedures for new web sites more trouble, not to spend money is not the key words, is a waste of time, not from nine to five life, I’ll go crazy.

is engaged in Internet business for many years in a former girlfriend’s suggestion, I Admin5 (known as A5) website transaction plate to find their own website, only received 2% of the fee, other than the trading platform, I put the one-time website all win, and quickly complete the transaction.

I found that I like

before the state there are a lot of young people like, just don’t have the guts to jump out to do things they love, not only money, but the more important reason is all very complicated. So do the site is to allow everyone to make full use of only life to enjoy the beauty and around the world the beautiful legend, even the poor, to get their life experience more bright and colorful


in the operation after a period of time, feel content has reached the extreme, but also the shortcomings of promotion efforts, my ex girlfriend also very concerned about this move, she taught me to use micro-blog to extrapolate, but I have a micro-blog is not large, large to very long time. There is no way, I went to look at the A5, hoping to find a solution, in the A5 account transactions really saw a group of tourism class micro-blog, WeChat account, not expensive, they bought down. At this point I have devoted all my heart.

took over the site after the first pot of gold is a new development of tourist attractions in this I do promotion, it is estimated the new attractions, is estimated to be a lot of advertising, so even the station also estimated that, Amitabha, your sister ah, my previous efforts finally paid off.

earned money to hi skin about it, I wasn’t the kind of go to nightclubs, "