How is an entrepreneurial team destroyed saw it with my own eyes

I am currently working in a start-up company, it is also a member of the entrepreneurial team, from last year to this year, I witnessed a team is how to destroy. Here I have to introduce the situation of the company, to help you better understand the things antecedents and consequences.

company is the original inventory to do foreign trade, is a very low price to the domestic purchasing inventory of products, and then sold to foreign buyers, pocketing the difference, insiders believe that one would know that this industry is doomed to perish. First, the inventory and procurement of products at the same time looking for foreign customers, when many foreign customers find, purchase factory stock has been disposed of by the factory; second, can not have autonomy, must hold the product has been formed to foreign customers or to demand the product to the factory purchase; third, half of the ex factory price is the general inventory purchasing price, do a lot of dead plants, can not form a virtuous circle.

boss Jony after the beginning of the transition to do services, and slowly set up their own new project team, I was doing a new project to join. The new website Going ant is a specialized third party procurement agency cross-border trade service platform, our vision is through this platform to a number of good Chinese manufacturing and Chinese created out, out of the country, to the world, in fact, there are a lot of good China factories and manufacturers, but because of foreign trade in information was not equivalence, resulting in foreign trade has been difficult to do well, manufacturers and manufacturers are pushing out.

The old

project is still in progress, because the new project needs financial support, but did not think at the end of 2013 the old project has seven individual collective resignation, the seven men spent more than a year in the company of the people, this is a devastating blow of a transforming startups. Remember that day is Christmas Eve, Jony drunk, crying in front of us howling, first saw a stunch business man tears, really not painful, but calm down, this is not without a cause.

boss’s blueprint for the future, in the eyes of employees may not be the case

most of the time the meeting, Jony will give us a passionate vision of the future, at that time, his passion, his eyes shining, like a speaker, to project their own confidence, and believe absolutely perfect.

but it may not be the same thing in the eyes of the staff, but also remember a time in the restaurant to eat lunch encounter old project employees, and the way to sit with them to eat. We all chat together, do not listen, do not know, a frightened, all negative emotions.

said the boss and the boss said in the sensational, in the end everyone to feed on illusions, talk to me. A girl asked: "B, you have to work overtime yesterday, it’s time to go back?" I replied with a smile: "about 12 in the evening." A: "Hey, ignore him, when to go back when you go back, overtime can not afford,"