Make fast, do small Skynet earned 1000 yuan

now do Wangzhuan friends mostly want to get rich quick, a lot of people say that quick success is made, of course, there is also a part with perseverance and patience and gradually explore, this is only a small part of. You really can not get rich quick, earn a pot of gold on the Internet? The answer is not so.

wants to make money on the Internet quickly, it is not impossible. Here you can refer to a "green thin" diet pills, remember that it seems to be a few months ago in the magazine to see this weight loss drug ads, as if the youth digest. Then on the Internet there is overwhelming in its advertising, thunder, Tencent and PPS platform can see "LVSHOU" advertising, and is endorsed by Huang Shengyi, Huang Shengyi remember the two sexy legs, hand is extraordinary. Why do you say this, I want to say is that if you have a lot of money, you can do so, of course, do not necessarily do weight loss products. Copycat products now run amok, you don’t need to have their own products, manufacturers can find OEM, and spend money on advertising publicity nets.

and some friends will say, not so much money, just want to earn a little money on the internet. Want to know the child can not set the wolf, reluctant to engage in the beauty of rogue. The total investment is to make money, but the money used to. Generally we do Wangzhuan friends investment is very cautious, but there are still being lied to, and not in the minority, is always want to buy a good project, want to do a lucrative business, a good idea. In fact, most of the items sold are deceptive, you can invest, but you can invest in advertising to sell virtual or physical products, than those who do not buy a lot of good things fly.

to give a simple example, a lot of friends to do Taobao customers will buy advertising to do product promotion, promotion to get a little commission. For example, a breast enhancement products, the Commission is high, generally high can reach hundreds of yuan tens of dollars, but also to control the advertising investment, the slightest mistake could lose money. Here you can convert ideas, since breast products so profits, then we can do it themselves, then buy traffic to publicize the same flow, you sell a make you get a commission several times, why do toil. Some friends may not have the time or do not want to sell their own products, just want to promote. In fact, sell products can do it yourself, or go online to find customer service, according to the day of settlement, and then sell a number of commissions to her. There will be a lot of people willing to do, such a month of advertising investment, but the income is several times higher. Why do you have to take risks to help others.

There are many examples of

fast Wangzhuan, for example, you can do a chess game platform, can be in the form of real money chess, often buy traffic friends may see many websites have chess game advertising, this is actually a lucrative way to make money. If the promotion is appropriate, the income will double up.

There are many examples of

, no longer one by one, but some personal ideas. Hope for some confusion