Zhou Kaiyuan do SP make a pot of gold rich, 31 year old again to start defeat

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was born in 1979, Zhou Kaiyuan is a continuous entrepreneur. He sold the company in their twenties, profit of 10 million yuan of assets. From the game portal 17173.com to an SP company and the restaurant you like Thai food, have full of sound and colour. At the age of 25, founded a game company, with pride, to suffer a big expansion. 2010, after the adjustment of Zhou Kaiyuan venture again, starting a cake B2C business. He said that now do this thing, it is likely to be their last venture.

I have been doing things related to online games, the first to enter this industry is 1999. At that time I was as an intern in netdragon. Because the Dragon developed its own online game products, once found, chairman Liu Dejian said, they want to make a game portal, ask don’t interest me? I said interest, so he was born in 17173.com. In 2003, Sohu bought it for $20 million 800 thousand, and now 17173.com is a very old online game portal.

we are basically starting from nothing, then one or two people, not even the domain name. But we caught a good time, less than a year, the site suddenly got up. In the industry to form a phenomenon: you do online games, if there is no area on the 17173, advertising, others feel that you do it again. The game was very fire, Sohu in the whole strategy needs such a thing, so we finally bought the site.

17173.com is the dragon project, I did not name the founder. But the industry thinks I’m actually 17173 of the founders. Because it’s what I do, I think I’m starting a business.


make a pot of gold

I started my own business by the end of 2002. At that time, SP had just started the fire, I have a friend in Beijing, SP do a problem, we talked to him, he said to me, otherwise, the company 800 thousand yuan to sell you. I told him that I didn’t have that much money, and that his company had debts, owed a few months’ salary to employees, and owed some of the broadband fees to carriers.

actually, I was also very interested in SP, then I said it, 600 thousand yuan, up to $700 thousand, a month will be able to gather the money to you, you have to be interested I received. And he agreed. For him, the hot potato, can sell what. I was looking for friends to borrow the money to buy the company down.

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