Network is really a good tool to make money

Wangzhuan Wangzhuan

really have to earn? Now we have entered the era of E, in this high-tech century, our living standard has been improved, many enterprises, individuals from the network to earn a lot. Wangzhuan, is how to make money? Is the network so magical? Internet companies have sprung up, don’t network can really make money? Let me give you one example. You will understand:

Shanghai Fenglei Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a production valve company, they just started since the establishment of the company, the performance is not very good, they do not know how to use the cyber source, alone to the big city to run sales, a year down performance is generally, executives feel anxious ah, new products constantly hit however, the lack of a better market, why is this? Is it that they are not good? Not, instead they are really good, but nobody know good of their products, how can you say that there is a market for


                one day, Shenzhen city Haiweidahang technology limited company boss and one of his many years of experience in doing business friends dinner, he drank Jiejiuxiaochou, worry is the company letter product production, but can’t find the market, see the company funds to turnover does not come, so that the company will not survive, friends see him so sad about his reasons, patted his shoulder and said: "brother, what good sorrow? Is not the current market is not good, now the network is not very developed using the Internet? Look at the promotion" is really a phrase dreamer awoke, the boss jumped up to embrace friends thanks… Back to the company after the company quickly launched sales staff to make use of network resources to promote publicity… They began to register a number of Web site members, would like to use the site to reverse the fate of the company, unfortunately, God does not, they have been on the Internet for a year, or no effect. What is the reason why? The boss does not want to understand, Mister sorrow is back, he told his friends began to complain: "what is the power network, no use, I think people are fooled."

            friends of the CEOs of the company publicity programs were analyzed, the result is not in publicity, their publicity is no relevant website registration publicity to some products, how is it have a good effect? It is a period of learning English, the mister, according to the causes of network publicity failed to product promotion of the reform, they began to some relevant industry website or forum registration publicity, hey… Really good, a year down effect actually came out, the performance of the company jumped 50%, this cola bad boss, a half years experience in network publicity, publicity according to the network executives also accumulated experience again to adjust the plan, they started to make up the industry site charges let the public network > members.