dle idle about Google Adsense China account with non China account different points

yesterday, I chatted with a graph king, what thing to do at home, I need to have visibility in recent years too low-key, I have something to find, also let some friends to understand some foreign things. I have a blog, Internet advertising blog, ads.org.cn, now I do not do, even ADSENSE are removed, all transferred to micro-blog, micro-blog or convenient. The site before the Canadian address is placed on the application of the Google Adsense account, then the statistics are as follows:


we can see from the graph on the EPM can see the contrast. I have said before, Google Adsense is still discrimination against Chinese users, of course, not because the Chinese people like to cheat, but its own Chinese traffic is not worth the money. Parking for the domain name, I personally feel that this is completely discrimination, the Chinese regional account is no domain parking function. From personal experience, in fact, no matter what the national accounts on the same site, display advertising is exactly the same, why the price is not the same, I personally think it should be divided into proportions, perhaps China area Adsense account proportion is much lower.

finally, in fact I think, hope to have the conditions of friends do not use Chinese address Google Adsense, because after all, the first benefit is not good, then no domain name, more important is not to know what you don’t know what the reason is K off. A foreign Google Adsense account how to collect the money, find a friend to collect it, directly to the check collection.

TIPS: at least I personally feel that the country’s GG ADSENSE account department of English, very not easy to be K, and the management is extremely chaotic, because they do not need to confirm the ownership of the domain name can be batch, you can write directly to the website they can apply to get account. At the same time, the money is also a mess, I have received a month GG ADSENSE pay two times, first of all to say that the wire transfer to my bank account money was returned, in fact, I received, and later changed to issue a check to me.

on the application GG ADSENSE account, I will be published in the next article, open several excellent application GG ADSENSE account method.

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