Touch your heart of girl L’OREAL, Shiseido have jointly launched the high value product color animat

this year, cosmetics have to pay attention to Yan value, but also rely on IP to draw fans.


this week was two messages with girls heart, is a joint Shiseido launched the "beautiful girl" makeup peripheral products, the other one is L’OREAL and Disney to launch the beauty and the beast limited make-up lipstick. Not only the heart surging, the hand can not help but want to order, just today is the day of wages.

circle of friends, there are a lot of girls forward these two days of news, it seems that the beauty of the power of +IP is not generally large. A brief introduction of these two products, in a small map, to chop hands together.


is the original MAQUillAGE "All Star Charm light feather powder" and "packaging all star charm light makeup before the milk UV" into a "beautiful girl". Product is familiar with the formula, but the packaging is the United States fried days.

from the outside, "All Star Charm cover light makeup before the milk UV" on the shining star pattern decoration pattern, in addition to Tsukino Usagi’s brooch, and mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus symbol. "All Star Charm feather powder" box above is also full of various patterns, however, a powder box on psychedelic colors.


L’OREAL, this time is to work with Disney, launched a series of beauty and the beast series of make-up, creating a magical world of fairy tale atmosphere, the series contains a total of seven lipstick and nail polish. The new lipstick also add essential oils, texture is very fine texture lipstick lip balm. Strong hiding power, can completely cover the skin color and part of the lip contour, color effect bright bright and paste color consistent.

In addition to

, each small lipstick packaging is very delicate, are the classic scenes in the film. Large packaging is also very easy to arouse the desire to collect. The color of the lipstick is named after the characters in the film, closely combined with the film IP. It is estimated that those who like beauty and the beast must be excited.


by IP circle powder, has become the trend of the United States makeup industry

we find beauty brands to cooperate with some mature IP, launched the limited edition products, has become a trend, children’s products, jewelry industry is not so popular, but also not to be underestimated. Simple look at some of the beauty of the appearance of the IP image.

lovely LINE Korea’s cartoon bear Brown bunny, last year appeared frequently in the cosmetics packaging. In March, Missha and LINE and launch make-up series; subsequently, Innisfree in collaboration with LINE, the concept of environmental protection, Eco-Friendship launched a limited edition products, two air BB and a series of Green Tea suit; September, L’OCCITANE.

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