Micro business ten points teach you to make micro business master!

derivative was once synonymous with advertising circle of friends, used to be synonymous with three products, if there are a lot of micro business with this 2014 to earn money, then 2015 will be more and more slim chance. 2015, micro business will be a big reshuffle, the early period of fast money window has been closed. 2015 micro business, we must have excellent quality products, in order to change the marketing approach to direct advertising, to pay attention to the marketing methods and methods.

today, I will share with you a bit by selling honey in the micro business, three months to achieve a monthly income of over a million magical figure, Xiao yang. Xiao Yang is a twenty something guy, just out of school into society, fortunately he rebuffed everywhere in the society, you can meet a call to find out the brand of honey, honey. After the decisive agent for the brand you can honey.

in the young man asked why so decisive can do honey agent? Is there a lack of careful consideration and adequate preparation?

Yang replied now taking micro market mask and other cosmetics is basically saturated, and the audience is female cosmetics, and honey is a kind of nutritional agent for everyone, honey products, will face greater consumer market, the micro business should also be down to earth. The reason why you can choose agents honey, there is a reason, as he said, you can honey market will be hot, as early as possible to join the market share will be a little earlier.

first, you can honey and traditional honey is different from its unique packaging. You can honey team innovation and innovation in packaging, the use of an unprecedented form of honey packaging, 12g bags per minute of the small amount of portable packaging. The advantages of this packaging in addition to the user to bring more convenient drinking conditions, to create a better experience, but also to extend the shelf life of the product, reduce the cost of distributors. There is no doubt that this kind of honey is more competitive than traditional bottled honey.

secondly, the agent can also be free to join a honey specifically for the development of micro providers to help expand the micro chamber of commerce. For novice micro business, there is no experience do not understand marketing skills, destined to be eliminated. In order to enhance their marketing capabilities, as soon as possible in the micro market to create their own piece of heaven and earth.

practice has proved that his choice is wise and rational, to guide in their efforts and the extension cable micro chamber of Commerce, he only has a monthly income of over a million target in three months. Even acquired admirable achievements, he was not pleased with oneself, but to continue to move forward.

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1 micro media

micro business to succeed, not greed, gluttony, only need to choose a small but beautiful category of micro business like from the media to do the same. When the integrated electricity supplier, the electricity supplier in the vertical electricity supplier in the study of the media, micro providers to move from >

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