to seize overseas purchasing how to do a good job Purchasing Guide electricity supplier



DoNews feature in October 28th (reporter Yu Weiwei) with the electricity supplier industry development, overseas purchasing has gradually become an important field of each enterprise to snatch. Electricity supplier shopping platform naturally will not miss this opportunity, on September 2013 formally launched the overseas purchasing channel.


launched overseas purchasing channel for nearly two months, but PR person in charge Xu Daye said, overseas purchasing involved all the procedures are complex, and are at the exploratory stage, the future, sea purchase business still has a long way to go.

congenital advantage

related data show that in 2012 China’s overseas purchasing market transactions amounted to 48 billion 300 million yuan, the size of the transaction in combination with previous years, the industry estimates that the figure in 2013 or will exceed 74 billion 400 million.

see this in a market big cake, overseas purchasing platform officially launched in September 5th, mainly for the needle group is sensitive to fashion, have higher cognition on the overseas style, female consumers and have certain consumption ability.

talked about why choose overseas purchasing as a starting point for at this stage of development, Xu Da admits that overseas purchasing for shopping guide platform".

on the one hand, the current market on the purchase of goods, such as cosmetics, milk powder, etc. are higher user awareness, it is easy for users to accept things. Coupled with users have shopping needs, so in terms of overseas purchasing, has a congenital advantage;

on the other hand, although the sea purchase market purchasing merchandise category is more, but the non-standard products of the clothing is still relatively small, and there are almost no European purchasing, the price is too big advantage. Taking into account the needs of users, chose to clothing and its peripheral products as a starting point, to provide users with more choices.

cut from the Korean market

With the wide spread of

, Korean dramas, Korean cultural influence on domestic consumers are increasingly. From the platform on the daily display of goods, "Han", "Han", "South Korean original" the most with the eye. In this part of the clothing, mostly for the domestic factory modeled on the Korean version of the production of clothing, really have the South Korean local blood minimal.

and users, and some of the pure Korean domestic brands have absolute loyalty of the people. Taking into account the characteristics of the girls on the platform, overseas purchasing platform chose the South Korean market for all of its business entrance.

at present, sea has been purchased with StyleNanda, NANNING9, PARTYSU, TOM&, RABBIT and other fourteen Korean local brands to achieve

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